它其實是個法文字..." Déjà vu "




粉絲們有過這樣的夢嗎 ?



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(二)  聽力填空題


1.  I just adore my iPhone and have loads of applications on it !


2.  You select the sound and the phone automatically plays it when you're dreaming bymonitoring your movements. 


3.  But it's good to keep in mind that this technology is in the experimental stage. 


4.  And what sort of sounds would make your mind produce – or prompt – relaxing visions, Rosie? 


5.  And the English novelist Mary Shelley was also very creative when she wrote the horror story, Frankenstein.  



(三)  聽力問答題


1.  What job does Rosie dream about doing ?


Mmm… dreaming of being farmers… I dream about being a movie star !   


2.  How do good dreams influence people ?


So some people wake up feeling better after an agreeable, or a  pleasant, dream. They are able to work more and are more productive.


3.  What song is the product of Paul McCartney's dream ?


It may also enhance creativity – Paul McCartney was said to have woken from a dream with the Beatles hit 'Yesterday' going through his mind, and Mary Shelley was inspired by a dream to write the horror story 'Frankenstein'












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