粉絲們愛到處吃吃喝喝嗎 ?






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(一)  重點單字


1.  Sentence  [n.]  =  課刑、判決、宣判


2.  Gloomy  [adj.]  =  陰暗的、陰沈的


3.  Exclusive  [adj.]  =  限制嚴格的、獨一無二的


4.  Prisoner  [n.]  =  囚犯、犯人


5.  Inmate  [n.]  =  坐牢的人、囚犯


6.  Resettlement  [n.]  =  再安置、再定居



(二)  聽力填空題


1.  The restaurant, Clink, is both a canteen – or __________ hall – for prison __________ and a four-__________ restaurant for the public.


2.  A sentence is the word for a punishment given out by the __________ for a __________.


3.  So when she says that we’re in ‘gloomy __________ times’, she means that the __________ situation is not very good.  


4.   An exclusive restaurant is usually one that’s only for very rich people or for __________ __________, for example.


5.   The quality of the food has a very good __________ apparently, and a number of people from the food __________ have now visited Clink to see if they want to hire ex-prisoners. 



(三)  聽力問答題


1.  Who are the people working in this restaurant ?


2.  Where do the ingredients used in the restaurant come from ?


3.  Why does the prison's governer want to provide skills for employment ?



(四)  討論題


What are your favorite places to eat ??


My favorite place is not a restaurant at all, it's actually my friend's house.

We get a scrumptious meal and have a great time whenever we go.

Kudos to Brian for serving up one great dish after another.


How about you ?

Where do you like to go for a meal ?





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