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(二)  聽力填空題


1.   Taking into account inflation, which is the amount money loses value over time, which film has made more money than any other in the history of cinema ? 


2.   But the films do have this in common: it's been decided that they are all of lasting cultural,historical and aesthetic importance. 


3.   Well for those listeners who haven't seen it, Bambi is a little deer who becomes orphaned, meaning its parents died.


4.   It's about an alien which lands on earth and befriends a young boy. 


5.   It's a musical about a nun that looks after a family and it's great fun.



(三)  聽力問答題


1.  How many films are added to the US National Film Registry every year ?


Every year it adds about twenty-five titles to its list.


2.  Which year did the US National Film Registry begin ?


He was talking about 'Bambi' which is seventy years old but it's just been added to the Registry's list, although the list was started in about 1989.


3.  Why does the US National Film Registry preserve these films ?


Now luckily for you, Jennifer, the US National Film Registry helps to make such old films available to future generations by looking after them in the best way possible





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