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粉絲們也會等換季的時候才去買東西嗎 ?

還是跟我一樣 看中就趕快買呢 ?



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(二)  聽力填空題


1.  The layout of a shop has a large impact on what we buy and how much money wespend.


2.  And if the shopper is confused, or disoriented, they're more likely to forget what they came in for, and might start buying more items.


3.  And anthropology is the study of humans and human behaviour.


4.  Professor Alan Penn, from University College London, specialises in designing retailspaces.


5.  Apparently the fresh fruit provides a positive, healthy atmosphere as you step into the shop – it's more welcoming.



(三)  聽力問答題


1.  What three things are used by shops to get people to buy more ?


Shops, supermarkets and shopping malls are designed to give shoppers a pleasant experience while they shop, and they use specific colourslighting and designs to get us to buy more.


2.  Where do supermarkets usually keep the essential products ?


Here is a clip of him talking about supermarkets; he says they usually keep essential items, such as milk and

bread, as far away from the entrance as possible.


3.  What is strange about the South China Mall ?


In 2008 over 99 per cent of the shops in the South China Mall were unoccupiedwhich is just bizarre.




粉絲們,看著稿子再聽一次吧 !!




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